Mural Mosaic Project

Mural Mosaic Project


The Leamington Arts Centre (LAC) in partnership with the Mayor Youth Advisory Committee (MYAC) is proud to present the Mural Mosaic community Arts Project.

Leamington’s Mayor Youth Advisory Committee is comprised of young, enthusiastic leaders with a passion for helping Leamington be the best it can be. During the 2021 to 2022 term the committee wished to bring a piece of art into the community to help improve the look of Leamington, and to see urban areas transformed into brighter, uplifting spaces. We are honored and excited to be working alongside the Leamington Arts Centre to execute this vision by creating a mosaic mural that the community can participate in and creating for our town a mural theme that is attractive and universal.

The LAC is a not-for-profit charitable organization whose mission is to create, sustain and celebrate the arts. With your support of this project and the support of the MYAC, the LAC can achieve its mission. Your participation in this project and purchase of the Mosaic Mural Kit not only beautifies our town but as a fundraiser helps to support the arts in our community.


The Leamington Mosaic Mural is from the original Mural Mosaic  by artist Lewis Lavoie and hundreds of other talented artists. 

We respectfully acknowledge Lewis Lavoie and all those participants for theirs skills and contributions as the basis for the Leamington Mural Mosaic Community Arts Project. A complete list of those artists and more info about them can be found HERE.

The first Mural Mosaic was created in 1997 in St. Albert, Canada by its inventor, artist Lewis Lavoie. After the success of this, shortly after, Lavoie created the next Mural Mosaic in partnership with other artists in a 24-hour “paint-a-thon” fundraiser. Lavoie lead the artist by creating the foundation of mosaic images with shapes and colours, which then other artists carefully followed his guidelines finishing the tiles in their own painting style and technique. Needless to say the final result was a huge success and word soon spread; more communities and groups were interested in creating a Mural Mosaic (like the LAC and Mayor Youth Advisor Committee.)

The Mural Mosaic is a truly fantastic process involving an entire community of artists of all skill levels, and heritage, collaborating, sharing and coming together to create one masterpiece and powerful community symbol.


The finished Mural Mosaic consists of 272 individual tiles of unique images, each one painted by a community arts participant  and based on the artists tiles from the original Tree of Life Mosaic.

All of the individually numbered tiles have been joined together to create one larger image, the Tree of Life.

The approximate 8ft x 8.5ft mosaic is mounted on the exterior of the Leamington Arts Centre located in uptown Leamington, facing Mill Street West and across from Cured Craft Brewery. The Mosaic Mural is viewable from afar and up close for all to see each individual work of art that comprises the mosaic and brings it to life.

A plaque explaining the project to viewers is also mounted next to the Mosaic Mural. The plaque includes each of the artists names who have contributed to this project honouring the original Mural Mosaic by Lewis Lavoie and fellow collaborators.

The mural has been protected with several layers of Mural Shield and graffiti resistant coatings so that it may be enjoyed for many years to come!

Thank you to Canadian Lighting & Sign Service (CLSS) for getting this up today, and to our friends at Speedprint who also helped out! And of course, thank you to all the painters who contributed to this amazing project and the Mayor and Mayor Youth Advisory Committee as well as Mr. Lewis Lavoie.