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Pictured: Chad Riley, Director/Curator installing the artwork in the frame in front of the Bank Theatre.

A Public Art Project

The Leamington Arts Centre, in support of the Windsor Endowment for the Arts, the uptown Leamington BIA, the Municipality of Leamington and Speedprint is proud to present “Bright Spots”, a public art project that creates “Bright Spots” in Leamington.

The vision is to bring artwork from within the gallery walls to the sidewalks and parks of Leamington for all to view, experience and take notice of more of our town’s “Bright Spots”.

Each “Bright Spot” features a work of art from the LAC Collection or the Municipality of Leamington’s Henry Collection. Selected artwork have been digitally reproduced and printed on outdoor UV and weather resistant sign material, then encapsulated in custom fabricated steel frame atop a post and mounted to the ground. Beneath each work is a descriptor plaque with general information and a QR code leading back to this page with more information.

There are Six (6) “Bright Spot” locations:

  1. Leamington Arts Centre
  2. Library (Italian Centennial Park)
  3. The Bank Theatre
  4. Shotten Park
  5. Erie St South Parkette 
  6. Lakeside Leamington Municipal Marina
1. Leamington Arts Centre
“We Are the Gods Within Ourselves” (1981)
serigraph in colours

Norval Morrisseau (1932-2007) was a Canadian indigenous artist who is considered the grandfather of contemporary indigenous art in Canada and a key figure in the indigenous art movement.

Also known as the “Picasso of the North”, Morriseau created a unique style that inspired a new art movement and founded the Woodlands School of Art as well as a prominent member of the “Indian Group of Seven.”

2. Library (Italian Centennial Park)
“Mother and Two Children” (c.)
 oil on canvas

Lammert Van Der Tonge (1871-1937) was born, lived and worked in Amsterdam. He was a student of Eduard Frankfort until he was 23 and then at the National Academy (Rijks Akademie) in Amsterdam which was funded by the Dutch Government. There he studied under Professor A. Allebé and Professor N. van der Waay and after his studies he travelled through Holland painting mostly landscapes. He was given a Royal Grant which enabled him to continue painting and in 1903 he moved to Laren, a community filled with artists. Whether by choice or necessity, he began painting peasants in their homes.  His interiors with mothers and their children were his most popular paintings and sold very well.  His interiors were compared to J. Albert Neyhuy and Beetle Hein, 2 painters  in the “Laren School” the name for a group of artists in the late 19th and early 20th century that worked in & around the town of Laren in North Holland. Lammert van der Tonge exhibited in Holland and abroad. He died in Laren, Holland.

3. The Bank Theatre
“Tallulah Bankhead” (1995) 
wax pencils on paper
Gift of Mr. Bob Ceh (2018)

George Graydon Dyck was born in Leamington on September 15, 1946 and died in Winnipeg, Manitoba on December 19, 2011. He is best known for painting vintage cars and movie stars. Graydon’s artistic skills were evident from a very young age and in 1967, he moved to Winnipeg to attend the School of Fine Art at the University of Manitoba. His paintings are in many private and public collections across Canada and the U.S.

4. Shotten Park
Orchard” (1960) 
oil on canvas board
Gift of Tony Paginton (2018)

Inspired by the Canadian landscape like the Group of Seven, George Paginton’s direct, truthful and rugged depiction of Canada served him as a personal escape. His intensity of colour and freedom of technique brought out a sense of beauty rarely seen because he preferred to paint for his own enjoyment.

5. New Erie St. South Parkette
 “Untitled” (1990) A.P.

Toller Shalitoe Montague Cranston (April 20, 1949 – January 24, 2015) was a widely acclaimed Canadian figure skater and lifetime painter.

“My paintings are exactly like my skating. Very me, good or bad. Very decorative, good or bad. And very unusual, good or bad. I am a painter first and a skater second.”  – Toller Cranston

6. Lakeside Municipal Marina
“Pelee Steamer” (1935) 
Oil on Board
Gift of the Estate of Marianne Barrie (2017)