FEEL: Tim Roelens

July 8 – July 26

A collection of abstract in mixed medium. As an obsessive gardener the most enjoyable moments happen at that very moment I am digging in the dirt or planning for new plantings.  I am forever building on or modifying what exists, as well as constantly changing colours and textures found in the garden.  It is through these changes that my creative thought processes emerge.

The abstracts give me that same satisfaction. Each new piece is a discovery in what I feel at that time.

The type of medium, amount of texture, size of canvas and colours are all determined by what I feel at that moment.

Since pieces are compiled over an extended time period, the feeling can change altering the direction of the final outcome. The colours may be altered and the texture built on, sending each piece in a new direction.

Each abstract I create is a sum of what I have felt from beginning to end.

I hope each piece will spark a feeling in you.