WE COME IN PIECES: Remix Collective 

Opening Reception: Fri. Oct. 4, 4-9pm 

We are a collective of Canadian artists formed because our work is outside of the mainstream art culture and shares elements with Outsider Art. Each artist‘s work shows aspects of Outsider Art but it is not Folk art or artwork made in isolation. It fits more into Art Singular which fits under the umbrella of Outsider Art. It often has, but isn’t limited to having, political or sociological content and it is not influenced by the contemporary art school and MFA aesthetic. Some of our members have no formal art education and are self-taught. Others have art school and MFA backgrounds but do not follow in that tradition. Our members come from different backgrounds and life experiences.
We make art that is true, genuine, and unique.  Aspects of our work we hold in common are the use of recycled materials, the emphasis on Collage and Assemblage, and the freedom to do any type of work we wish to do. Above all, we avoid being constrained.