AS I SEE IT: John Haynes

September 25 – October 27th

Opening Reception: Fri Sept 28, 7-9pm

As a participant in this art exhibition, I was asked to explain why and how art is important to me.

This is a large and complex question because creating art and my interest in contemporary art are both part of my life. After much pondering, I have decided that my interest in art comes from deep within me. Even as a young child, I felt interested in expressing myself by working with colour, texture, shapes and design in a visual way. Working realistically, as I did in my art courses was boring for me. It was always the use of colours, shapes and design that help much deeper interest for me.

In this exhibition, I include a number of larger paintings on canvas. They are done in acrylic paint and express the thought and feeling that I am dealing with at the time of their creation.