Opening Reception: Wed. Oct 23, 7-9pm 

In my Art Show, I’d like to represent a collective way of living one’s life that is influenced and determined by all the surrounding elements…by observing and studying the lower elements one can reach to a higher collective consciousness where love is what it is…ergo finding peace. My paintings will reflect on these singular elements…provoking thoughts and feelings as we observe and connect with them. 

Nora Harvey is a self-taught artist who works in her home studio in Olde Walkerville, Windsor Ont. Growing up in Europe she discovered her passion for art spending countless hours sketching and painting. The subject of Nora’s art is always the journey of life. She approaches it intuitively beginning with a solid textured background which develops into an idea by drawing, painting and sculpting the paint onto canvas. Her style is abstract landscape and impressionism with a love of rich and bright colours. Nora’s art is inspired with the movement of contemporary creation through a multitude of influences and inspirations.   

The Breaking Barriers exhibition’s focus is to create an understanding of lived experiences. The exhibition seeks to highlight resilience and resourcefulness in coping with barriers. A barrier can be anything that one must overcome to reach a goal, even if the goal is simply to survive. Breaking Barriers is an exhibition for creative expression that empowers, builds awareness, and facilitates partnerships and collaborations.