Reception | Fri Mar 22, 7-9pm


Place is a central facet of someone’s identity. It affects how people define Identity, and Places come to signify and mirror people. My work aims to translate complex information into a simplified visual language and transform natural forms into diagrams. By reworking existing landscapes, I alter their intended function and present an alternate point of view. I want to show a Place without literally depicting it, but rather convey the feeling or memory it evokes. Family Portrait is a series of works exploring the importance of family with a strong emphasis on francophone culture. This compilation of works serves as a sort of multifaceted family album.


Place is a mental cultural construct: a space beyond a geographical boundary that reflects vulnerable spiritual landscape in an absolute sense. Influenced by the violent disintegration of a homeland, I convey my rise from ethnic definition, and belonging to a space through humanity and nature. The idea of a conceptual universal Place is expressed through the abstract form without delineating the backdrop or foreground. The strong marks express a “moral gesture” in a violent relationship between an industrial society and nature as a response to various aspects of climate, geology, vegetation, and various life changes.