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Gallery Guidelines 

Thank you for your interest in the LAC! Below are a few guidelines and tips about visiting an art gallery.

Protecting the Art
Please do not touch the artwork. Keep a safe distance between you and the works of art. Please do not lean on, or use the petestools or plinths as writing surfaces, in any of the galleries.

Food and Drink
Food and drink are only permitted in the galleries during special events and receptions. During regular visits food and drinks are not permitted in the galleries. This is to help the gallery control insects and other pests which pose risks to the artwork.

Cell Phones
Please turn your cell phone to the vibrate setting, and be respectful of other visitors and staff working  when using your cell phone. If you receive or need to make a call, please step outside the gallery for the duration of your phone call.

Photography of artwork is not permitted. This is to protect the copyright of the artists displaying their work. Photography from a distance of the LAC galleries is permitted without flash unless otherwise stipulated.  If in doubt, you can always ask one of our staff or volunteers if it is okay, such as if it is your own artwork or a family member’s.

Video Surveillance
For the protection of visitors, staff, and works of art, the Gallery is monitored continuously by video surveillance.

Fragrance-Free Environment
Due to allergies and sensitivities, we ask that you refrain from wearing perfumes or heavily scented products. We thank you for your cooperation.

Service Animals
A service animal may accompany a visitor to all public areas of the LAC. Other pets and animals are not permitted in the facility.


What is the cost of attending the Gallery?
The admission fee is $2 for Adults, $1 for Seniors, FREE for LAC Members, Youth (Under 18), Personal Support Workers, and Exhibiting Artists. Admission to monthly receptions is also free.

Is the gallery accessible for wheelchairs and strollers?
Yes. The side entrance off Talbot Street on the West side of the building has an elevator entrance which connects to each floor. The accessible washroom is located on the main floor by the reception area.

Can I take photographs? What are the copyright policies?
The LAC does not generally allow photography of any specific work of art in order to protect an artist’s copyright. At special events or when visiting the gallery it may be acceptable to take a photograph of the entire gallery or exterior photos of the heritage building. It is best practice to ask a staff member or volunteer when you arrive if you are permitted, or if you intend to photograph your work work or a family member’s or would like to take photographs at a special event, to inform us in advance.

Why can’t I touch the art, frames, or sculptures?
To avoid accidents and damage, it is best to look with our eyes and not our hands. This is what we tell our young visitors. For adults we let them know that our skin and fingertips contain acids which over time will damage artwork, just as sunlight will. Some artwork on display is very valuable monetary and some cannot be replaced because the artist is deceased. Other works of art, such as local art, is very valuable to artists who create it so we ask that you be respectful of the artwork on display and not touch any artwork.

How often do you change exhibitions?
The LAC offers up to 40 exhibitions each year between our 3 gallery spaces on 2 floors. The 2 main floor galleries change approximately each month and the community gallery and meeting space on the second floor changes every 3 months. For a complete list of exhibits please visit our exhibits page.

What should I expect when I visit the LAC?
When you enter the LAC gallery will you will first enter our gift shop and art supply store. At the desk you will be greeted by staff or volunteers to welcome you. Once you pass by the reception desk you will enter the first of three galleries on the main floor. Visitors are welcome to explore on their own and take as much time as they like. The second gallery is accessible by the staircase by the main front doors or the elevator by the reception area. The community gallery and meeting space is located on the second floor as well as the administrative and business offices. Additional washrooms are on the second floor as well.

In each gallery there is information about the exhibit including artist information, dates, etc. and each work of art has its own label with more specific information including title, media, and the sale price if for sale. Should you desire to purchase a piece of art or would like additional information, our staff and volunteers are happy to assist.

If you have a large group or class you can prearrange a tour. We ask that tours be booked with at least 48h notice.