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Arts @ the Marina Online Application Form

Please fill out and submit this form and then your payment to complete your application.

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• This show is open to all forms of arts and crafts and food/beverage vendors
• Applicant must be the creator/producer. Mass-produced items not accepted.

How to Apply
Choose an area
Westside, Parkside, Roadside, Food/Beveage
Apply Online (preferred)
Online app checkout, eTransfer, PayPal to:
Other Ways to Apply
Mail: cheque to: Leamington Arts Centre 72 Talbot St. W., Leamington, ON N8H 1M4. (No Post-dated cheques, NSF cheque fee $45)
In-person applications and payments also accepted.

Important Date + Terms
Deadline & Requests
Open until all spaces are full. First come first serve. Apply early.
Site requests by previous year exhibitors MUST be received by April 1. For late returning or new exhibitors, site requests will be booked in sequence received and availability. Attempts to accomodate will be made, but not guaranteed.
Set Up + Take Down
Friday, June 30 after 1pm and/or Saturday, July 1after 7am
ABSOLUTELY NO dismantling or removal of displays before 4pm Sunday. Early take-down could result in future show in-eligibility.
Show Times
Saturday, July 1, 10am-6pm
Sunday, July 2, 10am-4pm

Additional Terms + Conditions
Safety + Security
By order of the Leamington Fire Dept. ALL exhibitors must have a type 2A 10BC fire extinguisher at their site.
Light security will be provided overnight on Friday and Saturday. It is the vendors own risk to leave products and displays on site and/or seek insurance.
Sites + Tents
NO make-shift tents are permitted. Minimum 10’x10’tent with walls for overnight.
All tents MUST be properly secured for severe weather (heavy rains and winds). Weights and/or small plastic tent pegs are NOT suitable. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to secure their tent properly to avoid damages to own tent and product as well as damages that could incur to neighbouring displays.
Be careful to avoid staking into the underground sprinkles (marked with paint)
All sites are approx. 10ft wide. Space extension towards the back of the site is allowed for shade and extra seating or storage only, trees/landscape permitting. Space Extension towards the back for additional selling space is NOT permitted.
Exhibitors may share a space if both exhibitors are approved by the jury.
Limited Hydro outlets are available to food and beverage exhibitors only
Exhibitors are to be totally self-sufficient, including persons or equipment.
ABSOLUTELY NO vehicles on the grass at any time. Loading and unloading is permitted from the parking lot or along Robson Rd. All vehicles must be moved off the roadside as soon as possible once unloaded/loaded.
Exhibitor parking is available across the street in the Robson Rd. North parking lot
The main front marina paved parking lot is for event visitors.
Absolutely NO parking on the West gate drive. (Emergency fire route)
Cancellation + Refunds
Once an application is received it is processed and refunds willl not be issued due to administration, organization, jury and planning time involoved.
This is a rain or shine event.
These terms and conditions contain legal obligations. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before entering the event.
LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: I/we hereby agrees to hold the South Essex Arts Association/Leamington Arts Centre, the Arts @ the Marina Committee, their officers, directors, employees and volunteers, and the Corporation of the Municipality of Leamington, harmless from any and all damage, expense or liability from any injury or damage to any person, including the general public, the exhibitor, its agents or employees or to the property of the exhibitor arising out of the exhibitor’s participation in Arts @ the Marina. The South Essex Arts Association/Leamington Arts Centre will not be responsible for any loss or losses incurred by the exhibitor, as a result of fire, theft, water, accidents, weather, acts of God or other mishaps or incidents not specifically enumerated herein. Recognizing that Arts @ the Marina is run by a not-for-profit charitable organization, the exhibitor assumes all risks and responsibilities in participating in this event.