October 1 – December 20, 2020

Opening Reception: Cancelled Due to COVID-19

A compilation of paintings, watercolours, and drawings of the natural world with warm and bright layers of colours, textures, and patterns.  Like the song, this show is designed to remind us all that despite the ugliness in this world and our increasingly stressful lives, we need to stop once in awhile to just enjoy the world around us – blue skies, roses, rainbows, the warmth and friendliness of people, and this exhibit.  

Oh, what a wonderful world we live in! But someone once said that this world is just an illusion.  This is very much so in the world of art where one small dab of paint can make a huge difference in how an art piece is perceived.  I use acrylics on canvas or watercolours and ink on paper to create images that I hope are truly unique and inviting to your eyes.  Look closely and you will see each section is a small abstract or illusion in itself because my technique involves applying multiple layers of colour and media.  Recently, I’ve been focusing on some rather large acrylics that I plan to share with you in upcoming months. 


Wells was born in Halifax, NS and moved to Windsor with her family in 1966. Her mother first introduced her to pen and ink techniques and gave Toni her first drawing & painting tools for her 16th birthday. She attended the Fine Arts program at the University of Windsor, with a focus on drawing and painting. She is a member of The Windsor Arts Council, Artcite Inc., The Arts and Cultural Alliance, The Leamington Arts Centre, and The Area Representational Artists Group in Windsor. Her work is also on display at The Art Chamber in Windsor, as well as many other local group exhibits.

Find her online @tonimacd & @TeeMacDee.