WFCU CREDIT UNION: painting competition + exhibit

Sept 2 – Sept 27

Opening Reception & Awards: Cancelled Due to Covid-19. Winners will be announced in the Southpoint Sun as well as on the LAC website and social media channels on Wed Sept 9. $1200 in Cash Prize will be awarded! 

70 works on display by 31 artists from all over the region. This is a MUST SEE exhibit!

The WFCU Credit Union Painting Competition + Exhibit is an incredible opportunity for emerging, mid-career and established artists to present their most accomplished works at the LAC for a chance to win cash prizes. The exhibit’s focus is to highlight and celebrate the arts in our region and to offer financial support and an audience for artists.

“As a leader in the community, our goal is to inspire, to provide engaging, entertaining and educational opportunities for people to come together. Supporting initiatives such as the Leamington Arts Centre’s painting competition allows us to do this, despite the new realities Covid-19 has brought to our community.  Though the competition and awards may be presented differently this year, the incredible response by the 31 artists who contributed 73 submissions to this year’s competition is a testament to the ability and influence of the arts to continually encourage creativity, enjoyment and togetherness even in times of uncertainty.”  Beth Ann Prince, Manager Community Investment.


  • 73 Entries in Total (up from 60 last year), 70 were able to be displayed.
  • 31 Artists 
  • Artists from 12 Cities/Towns:

Amherstburg, Arva (London), Belle River, Harrow, Kingsville, LaSalle, Leamington, Tecumseh, Saint Augustine, Wheatley, Ruthven, Windsor

  • 37 Works Selected to be in the exhibit
  • 23 Artists Selected to be in the exhibit
  • Generously Sponsored by:
  • WFCU Credit Union – Beth Ann Prince,Manager, Community Investment & Market Innovation –to say a few words


  • 1st Place – $500
  • 2nd Place – $400
  • 3rd Place – $300
  • 2 Honourable Mention Awards


Sophie Hinch – former LAC staff, currently Public Programs Coordinator at the Art Gallery of Windsor

Kristina Bradt – preparatory at the Art Gallery of Windsor


  • Honourable Mention
    • “Wanda’s Crystal Bottle” by Neil Peter Olsen  
  • 3rd
    • “Sticks and Stones” by Kathryn Price 
  • 2nd
    • “Covid Line Up” Dennis Smith  
  • 1st
    • “Semond” by Jeff Snauwaert

Sponsored by: WFCU Credit Union