SHIFT: 6th annual flock fest

The 6th Annual Flock Fest is an annual arts event which brings the community together to embrace the arts. This is an exhibition of work represen;ng the journey of crea;ve exploration, connecting and soaring past our personal limits. The exhibit features inspirational artwork that highlights artist’s feats and flights through the thrills of personal and spiritual migration and growth. 

This year’s theme is « Shift ». To shift is to change place, position, or direction. 

The Flock Fest brings together a community of artists whose work poses urgent questions around the experiences and perceptions of migration in relation to current global challenges. Through a variety of mediums, artists explore themes of changing geographies and reconstructed identities. The exhibition focuses on how art can be a language shared between people and cultures. It can redefine or reestablish identities that have been lost or abandoned when people move. Despite these shifts and challenges, we must find a way to land in harmony and flock together.