LIGHT – VISION – EMOTION: Phos3 Photography

January 4 – March 28, 2021

Opening Reception: Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Light ∙ Vision ∙ Emotion. There must be light in order to see. Photography is about capturing light. A Photograph cannot be taken without light. Vision is the composition of the frame. It’s the artist’s eye and how we perceive what we are seeing. And last but not least, Emotion – You will hear them say, “hopefully if we have done our job right, using light to capture the vision that we see, it will stimulate some sort of an emotion within you, letting you feel the story. We shoot to thrill.” This deep thought process flows into the way they make all their photographs. 

Kathryn Parent and Dave Paddick are a husband and wife team, life partners and soul mates. Together they publish their fine art photographs under one name, “Photography by Phos³.

The duo are self taught photographers who are known Internationally and have not only sold their photography globally, but have won a plethora of photo contests and prestigious photography awards. For example, their award winning extreme weather photography is admired in the weather community around the world. In 2017 by special request, they participated in the international (National Weather Service/Environment Canada) NWS/EC Lighting Validation Research Project for the new GOES 16 Satellite called “Lightning Mapper Program.” 

When not on a shoot you will often find them storm chasing and storm spotting for EC-CANWARN Trained or NWS -SKYWARN Trained in the United States or driving down country roads photographing abandoned houses and whatever else catches their eyes along the way.