SHIFT: 6th annual flock fest – virtual exhibit

The 6th Annual Flock Fest is an annual arts event which brings the community together to embrace the arts. This is an exhibition of work represen;ng the journey of creative exploration, connecting and soaring past our personal limits. The exhibit features inspirational artwork that highlights artist’s feats and flights through the thrills of personal and spiritual migration and growth. 

This year’s theme is « Shift ». To shift is to change place, position, or direction. 

The Flock Fest brings together a community of artists whose work poses urgent questions around the experiences and perceptions of migration in relation to current global challenges. Through a variety of mediums, artists explore themes of changing geographies and reconstructed identities. The exhibition focuses on how art can be a language shared between people and cultures. It can redefine or reestablish identities that have been lost or abandoned when people move. Despite these shifts and challenges, we must find a way to land in harmony and flock together. 


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Kewy Janisse, Tecumseh, ON 

Knit Yarn, Fabric, Ink, and Paper

I live two lives: as an artist and as a biologist, and the work I produce reflects the interconnectedness of those two disciplines. I am currently exploring the boundaries of what constitutes art, science, and “craft”, simultaneously playing with the ambiguity and double meanings of words and phrases.

In Knit house of cards, the different “suits” of cards (knit, happiness, stress, and panic), are labelled with words that have multiple interpretations, including many feelings experienced during COVID-19 lockdown. The house is meant to fall and get rebuilt in any number of structures and arrangements.



Irina Teske, Tecumseh, ON 

Acrylic on Chipboard


Exploring the relationship between image and material serves as the foundation for my art practice. Currently obsessed with acrylic on chipboard, I have been painting for more than 30 years. A graduate of the University of Windsor, I live in Tecumseh, Ontario. I have shown my work in many juried and solo shows across Canada.



Amber Ozols, Guelph, ON 

Oil on Canvas


I’m an artist and designer who expresses the evolution of grief and loss through tropical and heirloom still lives. When my father died unexpectedly, I was thrown into the deep end, and explored all the science behind resilience and happiness, and found that the growth of plants helped to represent the slow evolution of my mental state. I was seeing all the same things I normally did, through a much different lens once he was gone. The surreality of the situation is represented in my colour palette, while I aim to achieve realism in the form of the subject matter.



Elfrida Chania, Bandung, Indonesi



Elfrida Chania is a conceptual photographer based in Bandung, Indonesia. She studied at the Institute of Indonesian Arts and Culture in Bandung. She started taking photographs of the things around her, and soon explored the ideas inspired by her personal experiences.

Her artwork is a clearer understanding, reflection, and interpretation of every fragment of her life, including emotions; thoughts; and the battle with her own inner demon. Photography helps her explore self-identity and brings great pain or discomfort to have acknowledged without really saying a word.


Carolane B. Madla, Harrow, ON



This is an acrylic pour painting. I used the flip cup pour to make the sky. The lake is a swipe technique then covered by plastic wrap (Removed when dried) to add texture. Hand painted the sun and bushes to add effect. Black , yellow, orange Magenta and white. I am a new abstract artist. I started early this year when I was off work after my surgery due to lung Cancer. I do more acrylic pours on canvas, glass, wood and slates. This is my first attempt to combine pour and visual art.


Sophie Hinch, Essex ON 



By reworking existing landscapes into new compositions, I want to show a Place without literally depicting it, but rather convey the feeling or memory it evokes. My work incorporates elements of nature, mapping, and biomorphism.

Sophie Hinch is a Francophone artist, educator and arts administrator. She currently works at the Art Gallery of Windsor as the Education and Public Programs Coordinator, and sits on the Board of Directors at Artcite Inc. where she serves as secretary.


Jeffrey Suchak, Leamington, ON 

Medium Format Film Photography


Jeff Suchak is a contemplative fine art photographer. He describes his process as “documenting reverence practicing the wild”. Jeff views the landscape as the cradle of mythic memory. He works in medium format and 35mm film photography as well as in digital. Jeff’s images have appeared in galleries in Toronto, Owen Sound, London, St. Thomas and Port Stanley ON. He has also exhibited in Texas. From January through April 2018 Jeff had a solo exhibition at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery in Owen Sound. Jeff and his wife Susanna have recently moved to Leamington.


Qwiet Eye (David Bergeron), Windsor, ON 



Qwiet Eye’s Lookings is an audio/video album that explores the relationship between the subject, viewer, and landscape. The locations are from South Western Ontario and are themselves beautiful and display an array of elements for the viewer to explore. Qwiet Eye’s album Lookings can be presented as a single looping video 39 minutes in length. Lookings is comprised of seven different pieces compiled into one, but if time or file size is an issue a single looping video can be chosen from the set.

Here is a link to the work as a playlist on vimeo:


Toni Wells, Windsor, ON 



MY SHIFT – For most of my artistic career, I focused mainly on painting and studying nature. However, in November 2019, I shifted direction to doing portraits in order to better hone my skills in observation, details, and acrylic glazing. “Leo” is my third portrait in this venture and the largest, most detailed face I had painted up until that time. Since then, I have expanded to larger works and am now doing portrait commissions.



Barbara Alkemade, Arva, ON



This year has been one of extreme changes, and now asks us to find once again our reference points that define our space and time.


Janal Koenig, Saint Augustine, FL



Familiar? Have you been here? Is this a cornfield in Ontario Canada or sugarcane in Alabama or was the inspiration from an African Savanna?


Many layers of paint with loose marks on warm tones. I have more freedom of expression, leaving more behind on the canvas, or in this case the board. Up close you will see fine marks of charcoal, lead and finely scratched lines digging for gems below the surface. This has been a year play, discovery and many new tools and practices and leaving more of my practice on the work. I feel each piece is loose and maybe I will finish it one day, if I feel the need for change.

RED HILL, 2019

Anastasia Adams, Windsor, ON 

Red Hill, 2019

Oil on Canvas


Anastasia Adams is a painter based in Windsor, Ontario. As an artist she often draws inspiration from the natural world. Her works are influenced by the colours, shapes and movement of the ever changing environment around us and through abstraction allows the viewer to reinterpret those moments at their own pace.


Bianca Bancila, Windsor, ON

Acrylic on canvas, origami


My inspiration comes down to the fluidity and freedom that materializes with the intention and need to create. There is a conversation and a dialogue between my ideas and I where I aim to come to a resolution. This always originates in different ways; in the case of this painting my focus was on articulating a metamorphosis. By combining origami and painting together I wish to convey a moment of transformation of simple shapes and forms that slowly build up to a three-dimensional sphere. Thus, signifying change and fruition.