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The Virtual Portal is a new digital initiative which features 3-D virtual tours of the LAC galleries and select exhibits.

It is still a work in progress and not yet complete, so please bear with us and keep re-visiting as we add content.

LAC Collection

The SEAA/LAC’s collection is of great pride amongst its staff, members, and constituents. We take seriously our mission to enrich culture through the collection and preservation of art. Since its founding in 1971, the SEAA/LAC has acquired hundreds of works of art, collecting in the areas of Canadian and international historical and contemporary art.

The collection has been built both through donated gifts and considered purchases. Approximately 90% of Gallery acquisitions come from private donors—often dedicated collectors looking for a permanent home for their works where they will be appreciated, cared for, and put on display for others to enjoy. Artists also donate their work, such as Jeet Aulakh’s Namo Ek Yoge, 2010 oil on canvas. It is because of the generosity of these donors that the SEAA/LAC enjoys the position it holds as a collecting institution.

The Henry Collection

The Henry Family traveled extensively, collecting art and artifacts from all around the world and as far away as East Asia.

The collection includes oil paintings from Canada and the United States, porcelain figures from China, jade and silver sculptures and reliefs, plus much, much more. 

A selection from this collection is exhibited each year in an annual show.

Owned by the Municipality of Leamington, stored and curated by the LAC.

Henry Collection

LAC Permanent Collection

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The Henry Collection

Gallery View