Artist? Member of the LAC?

Our shop boasts a wide selection of quality original local artworks, one of a kind gifts, jewelry, music, books, as well as children’s books and anything to stimulate creative potential. Perfect Unique Gifts for Weddings, Anniversaries and any occasions for that someone special…

Sell your artwork in our Gift Shop, its FREE for members! Just a commission when your work sells. Items typically accepted: original works of arts such as paintings, mixed medium, drawings, sculptures; crafts such as candles, pottery, glassware stained glass, textiles, jewelry; prints such as photography, greeting cards; books, music CD’s, films and much more.


LAC Art Supplies

LAC Members Get 10% OFF all Art Supplies! The LAC offers a variety of art supplies to support local artists! Name brands such as Golden, Amsterdam, Lukas, Primsmacolor, Canson, Micron, Finetec, Prismacolor, Koi..  Acrylic paints, oil paints, canvases, palettes, palette knives, watercolour paints, watercolour pencils, watercolour paper, frames, gesso, coloured pencils, graphite pencils, pen & ink, fixatives, clay, sketchpads & paper, printmaking rollers and cutters…. plus we can take special orders!

How to Sell Your Work in our Shop:

1. Become an LAC member. Memberships are $25/yr for artists and include free entry to the gift shop and our members show in June. No volunteer or other commitments required.

2. Bring in your work and fill out the short consignment form.

3. 30% commission is retained by the LAC and the remaining 70% will be issued to the seller on a monthly basis.

Support the LAC! 

Support the LAC and show your love, purchase a T-shirt! T-shirts purchased online can be picked up in store. SORRY, NO SHIPPING.

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