Jan 3 – Jan 28



ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE:  2017 Amateur Photo Contest

Opening Reception & Awards: Fri Jan 13, 7pm

The LAC is proud to present its 2017 Anything’s Possible amateur photo contest. This annual exhibit features striking photographs in 3 categories: events, travels and season. With three prizes in each category, plus a People’s Choice Award, its certain to delight and prove that Anything IS Possible!

Sponsored by: Speedprint & Framing by Anna




KEEP CALM & COLOUR ON: group exhibit

Opening Reception: Fri Jan 13, 7pm

Colouring isn’t just for kids! Recent trends and research show that colouring can help to alleviate stress, promote wellness, calmness and focus while stimulating brain areas related to motor skills, senses and creativity. So put down your pen and highlighter, leave work aside and pick up a crayon or marker; enter your fav coloured page or entire colouring book! This is an all ages show!

Jan 31 – Feb 25



RETROSPECT 2006 – 2016: Leyla Munteanu  

Opening Reception: Fri Feb 3, 7-9pm

The exhibition it is a retrospective 2006-2016, 10 years of art making. It will contain paintings in oil, acrylic, mixed media, watercolour, drawings and intaglio prints. It will be a glimpse from all the series I was working on these past years, with the old and the new hanging side by side or layered.




BLOOM: SENIOR SHOW: Leamington District Secondary School

Opening Reception: Fri Feb 3, 7-9pm 

Leamington District Secondary Senior Students collaborate in this group exhibit at the LAC.



BUILD Poster 24x36-2


BUILD: an exhibition built by you

Opening Reception: Fri Feb 3, 7-9pm

This is an exhibition where creativity comes together, literally! We all grew up playing with toy building blocks and model sets and today they are bigger than ever. from kids to adults everyone still enjoys building. Enter your favorite BUILD today!
Lego, Magformers, Mega Bloks, K’Nex, Constructs, Lincoln Logs, Lite Brix, Meccano, Erector Sets, Scale Models, Popsicle Sticks…


MARCH 2017
Feb 28 – April 1



BREAKING BARRIERS: group exhibit

Opening Reception: Fri March 3, 7-9pm 

The Breaking Barriers exhibition’s focus is to create an understanding of lived experiences. The exhibition seeks to highlight resilience and resourcefulness in coping with barriers. A barrier can be anything that one must overcome to reach a goal, even if the goal is simply to survive. Breaking Barriers is an exhibition for creative expression that empowers, builds awareness, and facilitates partnerships and collaborations.  Sponsored by: Art Indeed & Aleksander Estate Winery.




Opening Reception: Fri Mar 3, 7-9pm

My work involves the external appearance and the internal workings of some families’ lives.  It is an attempt to bridge childish fragmented rememberings and the projected impression of a family where abuse has occurred.  The title of this installation is a variation on one of the lines in the poem, “The Second Coming,” by W.B. Yeats. I have always loved that particular poem; to me it speaks of violence, discord, chaos, as well as the hope and will to survive that often spring out of terrible events.   The figures in the paintings at the gallery entrance take on a mythic status as they struggle with their harsh environment, which echoes a still harsher interior struggle. Moving into the gallery, what is shown is the destructive root of the struggle — unacknowledged violence and abuse, in a series of fragmented images.   The “beasts” and ravens are observers from the non-human world, who bear witness in silence.


THE STILL SPEAK: Deborah Cameron

Opening Reception: Fri Mar 3, 7-9pm

The exhibition project I am presenting is titled, “The Still Speaks”. I want to say on canvas, using the voice of my heart, that deep calls to deep…my paintings are informing me, awakening me, pointing me to things about myself that I am not yet conscious of. What an adventure of discovery!



APRIL 2017
Apr 4 – Apr 29

JSAS Flyer 2017 8x11



Awards Reception: Thurs April 13, 7pm

The LAC presents the 19th Annual Juried Student Art Show featuring works by Secondary Students from across Essex County. Categories include: Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Photography, Digital Media and Film.

$1200 IN CASH PRIZES will be awarded in EACH Category with a People’s Choice Award at the end of the month. Also, as a part of this event, a $100 “Future Artist” Award will be granted to the graduating student who showcases the most artistic potential.

Sponsored by: Rotary Club of Leamington & the Kiwanis Club 


MAY 2017
May 2 – May 27

Craft Fair in the gallery



Opening Reception: Fri May 5, 7-9pm

The LAC presents its new spring craft show in the gallery featuring a variety of local and handmade jewelry, pottery, candles, metal crafts, furniture, home décor, glassware, mixed media, needlework, paper crafts, scrapbooking, leatherwork & more!





REACH FOR THE SKY: Leamington Flock Fest

Opening Reception: Fri May 5, 7-9pm

The sky is an endless symbol for the longing to break free, to achieve heights, to connect with others and ourselves. The bird is always reaching for the sky, to fly at new heights; it is an inspiration for our earthbound body and our soul’s eternal desire for limitless being. The group exhibition “Reach for the Sky” is hosted by 3rd Annual Leamington Flock Fest and will showcase artists flying their highest, overcoming limitations and showcasing inspirational works of art. Join us




ART ALIVE: Don Waffle

Opening Reception: Fri May 5, 7-9pm

Don Waffle’s strikingly realistic art brings people to life, in portraits and in their activities. These range from a toddler stretching high to barely reach the keys of the piano, to a party setting out on a winter sleigh-ride, to a smiling lass pouring a glass from the Guinness tap at the Spitfire Arms Alehouse in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Another painting captures a most fleeting moment in time, when a golden sunrise catches the eastern wall of The Rockies; as seen from a Westjet flying far overhead. This unique exhibit extends to include a replica scale model created by the artist, of the MARK IX Spitfire flown by F/L Gerry Billing in WW2.


JUNE 2017
May 30 – June 29

U17 Members Show Poster 24x36 LR


U17: 2017 SEAA/LAC Members Show & Sale

Opening Reception: Fri June 2, 7-9pm 

The 2017 annual members show and sale celebrates the strength, vitality, creativity and wealth of talent found within the Leamington Arts Centre (LAC)/ South Essex Arts Association (SEAA). Each year, the diverse and outstanding works by our members creates an exciting and engaging exhibition whereby artists are able to showcase, share and sell their work.
The exhibition creates a platform for artists to network with peers to develop their skills and experiences.




WAC: Walkerville Artists’ Co-op Show & Sale

Opening Reception: Fri June 2, 7-9pm

Walkerville Artists’ Co-op is an art gallery, showcasing more than 35 artists, artisans and authors in Windsor, Ontario Canada. Shown and sold in the gallery are paintings, pottery, photography, mixed media, encaustics, sculptures, books, body products, jewellery, art glass, fabric arts and hand woven baskets




Opening Reception: Fri June 2, 7-9pm

From the southernmost tip of Canada to the tree forests in Mexico, Monarch Butterflies make one of the largest mass migrations in the world. On this 4,000 km journey, Point Pelee is a an important stop for Monarchs making their way South for the winter. On the 150th anniversary of Canada, I hope to highlight this incredible natural phenomenon that occurs right in the heart of Leamington through her love for painting Monarchs and capturing the beauty of these spectacular creatures.


JULY 2017
July 4 – July 29


ALONG MY WAY: Chris Morton

Opening Reception: Fri July 7, 7-9pm
“Along My Way ….” is artist Chris Morton’s tribute to his love of the Canadian landscape. These paintings are inspired by actual settings in and around Ontario. Morton, the protege of world renowned artist George McLean, grew up in Owen Sound, Ontario in the picturesque Bruce-Grey area. His family took yearly trips to the magnificent Algonquin Provincial Park. This area, stretching from Georgian Bay to the Nipissing District, is the primary inspiration for much of his work.
Chris has always been fascinated by the natural world and since his earliest years, he would venture out into the forest to study its ways.
The changing of the seasons, the diversity of plant life, the ever changing light effects and the abundance of nature would become his obsession. Painting and drawing was the best way he knew how to communicate what he was learning to the world




Opening Reception: Fri July 7, 7-9pm

Where one hails from and where they now live are two of the most significant facts about anyone. Place is a central facet of someone’s identity. Maps affect how people define identities and places come to signify and mirror people. Maps were created to make sense of the world around us, to record a difficult terrain that might otherwise be forgotten, or reveal to others a path across unfamiliar lands. Maps can be redrawn or reworked. They can be followed, or only serve as inspiration. I want to discover what is a place beyond a point on a map? My work aims to translate scientific information into simplified visual language. I condense vast natural forms into diagrams. I enjoy experimenting with the physical act of painting and how this relates to abstractions I find in nature. My biomorphic drawings, earthworks, and collages are made of flowing lines and shapes. I map my surroundings and experiences in an effort to remember transient moments. I want to show a place without literally depicting it, but rather convey the feeling or memory it evokes



Opening Reception: Fri July 7, 7-9pm

The title of this exhibition comes from a thought I once had. Throughout history, women temporarily took on traditional male roles when sheer numbers were needed, but then had to step aside and resume their expected housewife duties once the goal had been reached. Then the men made the rules. What if every woman was allowed to progress in those traditional male roles, in particular as fighters, but stopped doing traditional female tasks, like picking up socks, having babies, entertaining, or reading to the kids at night?  My thought was that social order would deteriorate and, eventually, there would be an apocalypse. Each mannequin in this exhibition represents a time of social upheaval during which women were briefly fighters. As you look closely at their costumes, however, their choice of weapons and their clothing reflect the women’s work they were still expected to do.


Aug 1 – Aug 26


FAMILIAR FACES: Janet Domarchuk

Opening Reception: Fri Aug 4, 7-9pm

Booking the Southpoint Sun gallery at the LAC for an exhibit was an exciting idea. So I did. I had unwittingly become a commissioned artist some thirty years ago. Familiar to most commissions was a common subject matter: rock and roll. With that in mind, I deliberately chose this singular theme and painted my first exhibit. So please, come as you are and have a look. All twenty-one portraits promise to look right back at you. Prints for all the paintings will be available to order and if I have left out your favourite, talk to me. If movie stars or sports heroes are more your thing, we can talk about that too. Looking forward to seeing you all this August.



CANADA 150 & BEYOND: group exhibit

Opening Reception: Fri Aug 4, 7-9pm

Canada 150 & Beyond is an exhibit that proudly celebrates Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation – our heritage and history to our future and goals. What does it meant to you to be Canadian? What do you celebrate about Canada? Topics of interest may include diversity and inclusion, reconciliation from nation to nation with Indigenous people, the environment and youth. This is a non-juried exhibition open to everyone, youth and adults in any medium. All artwork will be displayed and featured for the month of August with free gallery admission to all visitors.




Opening Reception: Fri Aug 4, 7-9pm

Passion manifested can indicate many things.  For me, it does not necessarily indicate rightness, but a leap of faith to be fully invested in the jump!

Aug 29 – Sept 23


REVELATION: Ina Vu (aka Vucajnk)

Opening Reception: Fri Sept 15, 7-9pm

The Revelation is Ina’s artist retrospection of her life in diverse cultural environments and social circumstances that stirred her art expressions through self-directed inquiry and the various medium. Through her art, she is expressing a personal journey from disillusionment to a self-discovery in the resolutions with the predetermined value systems.




LIGHT – VISION – EMOTION: Phos 3/Dave Paddick & Kathryn Parent

Opening Reception: Fri Sept 15, 7-9pm

This show features a diverse variety of photographs depicting some of the interests of the husband and wife team – Dave Paddick and Kathryn Parent. “The world is our studio … when we are not on a shoot you will often find us storm chasing or driving down country roads photographing abandoned houses or whatever else catches our eye.” Their unique name “Phos³” is a powerful parallel to their work: “Phos” pronounced (Foss = Boss), is the Greek word for light. Photography is all about light, capturing it and controlling it. Phos is combined with the superscript number ³, which represents a number of things, it’s multi-dimensional, the number 3 is a power number so a few examples are – perfect balance, aesthetics, the 3 elements of earth, black, white and colour etc… and … Light∙Vision∙Emotion. The vision is the composition of the frame. It’s the artist’s eye… “Hopefully if we have done our job right using light and our vision, it will stimulate some sort of an emotion within you. ‘We Shoot to Thrill!’” .



Opening Reception: Fri Sept 15, 7-9pm
These nine men that wrote the books of the “New Testament” lived a glorious life spreading the word of Christ, though ultimately their lives came to an end through martyrdom, the exception being Luke who spent his days creating Icons.  These men show us today that nothing  should come between you and your faith, and never shall you turn your back on your god, no matter how the gauntlet of temptation or oppression is thrown  down.  As Christians we must trust in our lord and know that everything that happen comes with a reason, and just like the lives of many individuals within the pages of the bible show, unannounced to you there is a greater reason for the follies and perils in our lives and all god asks is to trust in him, and better days are to come whether that be in life or death.

Sept 26 – Oct 28


TRANSITIONS: Douglas Bedard DKN Blues

Opening Reception: Sat Sept 30, 2-5pm

When the Director Chad Riley asked if I would be interested in having an exhibition on short notice, what came to mind was the artwork that previous Curators had chosen in past juried exhibitions and invitationals throughout the Detroit, Michigan area and South Western Ontario.

I have picked small and medium sized works along with some work never exhibited, including new work. They vary in theme, style, medium, providing a wide range of art, making it an eclectic exhibition that is hopefully, thought provoking. Any good work of art should weather the years and hold a wall when displayed and stand alone if it has any merit. I am excited to put that thought to the test.

A long time professor of classical Studies and author, Stephen Bertman, has been a supporter of my artwork for the past 35+ years. He was the one person who suggested and encouraged me to do my last solo exhibit in 2015 at the Leamington Arts Centre on the theme of boxing, called DKNBLUES.

It is only fitting that I dedicate this exhibition TRANSITIONS too my friend Stephen Bertman. This one is for you!




Opening Reception: Fri Sept 29, 7-9pm

Carolyn’s acrylic paintings are a sea of colour swimming with symbolism. They have the ability to move one from reality to imagination. They will take you away to another world. A world of emotion. A world beyond the physical realm. The world of dreams, light, and spiritual beings.  They say that we are more than flesh and bones, that we are made of energy. That we never die. We sail through space and time continually transcending. “When the doors of perception are cleansed, the world appears as it really is… infinite.”


Oct 31 – Nov 25

MEMEBERS SHOW & SALE: Shooters Photography Club

Opening Reception: Wed Nov 1, 7-9pm

Have passion for photography? Interested in being involved and gaining some knowledge and experience? See what the Shooters Club members have been up to…

Get inspired to pull out your old camera, or fall in love with a beautiful landscape. The Shooters Show and Sale will definitely have something to catch your eye!



FAR OUT SHOW: group exhibit

Opening Reception: Wed Nov 1, 7-9pm

This exhibition’s focus is to highlight and showcase those offbeat, avant-guard, radical and/or extreme works of art that make us all think outside the box and push the limits of expressionism in contemporary art.




PAPER CUTS: Ken Friesen

Opening Reception: Wed Nov 1, 7-9pm

Tried (Tired?) Images Revisited

Nov 28 – Dec 23


A SIGNATURE CHRISTMAS:  indoor artist market

Opening Reception: Fri Dec 1, 4-7pm

The LAC presents its annual indoor Christmas Arts & Crafts show. Featuring artists and artisans in a variety of mediums; photography, painting, jewelry, literary arts, crafts and more… This beautiful month long “gift shop” style exhibition has many great deals so come enjoy the works in a warm Christmas setting.