• Gilligan's Leamington Fundraiser for the LAC: Mon April 10 11-10pm

  • Canada 150 Shipwreck Presentation - Cris Kohl & John Foresburg: Fri May 12, 7pm FREE

  • Corks & Canvas: wine & paint night - Fri May 26 7pm $49/$89

2015 exhibitions

January 2 – January 31

Anthings Possible Amateur Photo Contest Entry Form 2015- image

ANTHING’S POSSIBLE:  2015 Amateur Photo Contest

Opening Reception & Awards: Fri Jan 9, 7pm

The LAC is proud to present its 2015 Anything’s Possible amateur photo contest. This annual exhibit features 139 striking photographs in 3 categories: nature, wildlife and cities. With three prizes in each category, plus a People’s Choice Award, its certain to delight and prove that Anything IS Possible!



Possible Futures Web image

POSSIBLE FUTURES: what is to be done? The 2014 Windsor-Essex Triennial of Contemporary Art

Organized by the Art Gallery of Windsor in collaboration with Tourism Windsor Essex and Pelee Island and Windsor Endowment for the Arts. Generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Title Sponsor: Caesars Windsor. This exhibit highlights and celebrates the distinct voices and compelling work by artists in southwestern Ontario and eastern Michigan. The exhibition builds on the AGW’s legacy of promoting the region as a cultural hub and a site of urban transformation and renewal. The Triennial brings together artists who explore the area’s automotive legacies, agricultural and food-based economies, built and natural environments to present innovative, playful and participatory propositions for cultivating sustainable futures. It will take place at the AGW and four offsite venues – The Leamington Arts Centre, Leamington; Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex, LaSalle; Drouillard Road, Ford City; and the Capitol Theatre in Windsor- integral to the changing landscape in the city and county. The Triennial’s Curatorial team invited two Windsor-based artists Jennifer Willet and Arturo Herrera to present two distinct art projects at the Leamington Arts Centre.
February 3 – February 28

PursuitIN PURSUIT OF THE GOLDEN KEY: Dennis White & Stephen Gibb

Opening Reception: Thurs Feb 12, 7-9pm

In Pursuit of the Golden Key is a real-life treasure hunt though a series of paintings commemorating the bicentennial of the War of 1812 and the end of the War 2015. Through cryptic verse and pictorial clues, you are invited to come along on a journey into this War.
The riddles, poetry, quotes and artwork all contain information that when put together will lead you to solving the puzzle and to a document entitling you to the grand prize — the treasure. The first person to correctly solve the puzzle will receive the Golden Key that will open a treasure worth over $10,000 CAD.
Call For Classics Poster2


Opening Reception: Thurs Feb 12, 7pm

This exhibition’s focus is on the classic people, places, things and themes throughout history.

Everything from movie and music icons, vintage cars, tractors, motorcycles, classic moments, classical architecture, artwork, culture, fashion, home décor, crafts…

Irena V image1


Opening Reception: Thurs Feb 12, 7pm

TRANSMUTATION is an exhibition of a work created as an inquiry of how people’s attitudes define the ways in which they inhabit the landscape creating incoherent relationships to the environment and their own identity.

ARTIST STATMENT: By living globally influenced and culturally diverse life experience, I am curiously observing the world cultural, material, and aesthetic value transformation about beauty, personal and cultural identity. Through a transformation of materials, the combination of methods, concepts, and subjects I create the surfaces and structures that are metaphoric escape of ism. Making art allows me to consider, react, and respond to contemporary ideas and in a process become self transformed.

 March 3 – March 28

Breaking Barriers 11x17 Tabloid 2015 LR


Opening Reception: Fri Mar 6, 7-9pm

The Breaking Barriers exhibition’s focus is to create an understanding of lived experiences. The exhibition seeks to highlight resilience and resourcefulness in coping with barriers. A barrier can be anything that one must overcome to reach a goal, even if the goal is simply to survive. Breaking Barriers is an exhibition for creative expression that empowers, builds awareness, and facilitates partnerships and collaborations.
Sponsored by: Art Indeed & Aleksander Estate Winery.
paperSPICE OF LIFE: Ruth Driedger

Opening Reception: Fri Mar 6, 7-9pm

One word that can describe the style and content of my paintings is “variety”.  Hence, the name of this exhibit.  I enjoy painting people, flowers, landscapes, waterscapes and glass.  Too much time spent with one makes me desire another all the more.  I have a deep appreciation for fine detail, shadow and light, and, for the most part, endeavour to produce paintings that are as realistic as possible.  I especially love doing commissioned works where I can connect with people and their loved ones.  


peepPEEP: the art of watching: Stacie Koretska

Opening Reception: Fri Mar 13,7-9pm

Peep: the art of watching explores voyeurism, surveillance, and emotions evoked through watching and being watched. The installation creates a circular watching experience, a continuous loop of watching and being watched. Along one wall, viewers can peer into the Peep boxes, catching glimpses of seemingly intimate moments. Along the adjoining wall, new viewers entering the space can watch a projection of the original viewer looking into the Peep boxes. Finally, a viewer finishing the circuit and leaving the space will see the entering viewer watching the projection. Simultaneously watching and being watched will evoke varying emotions and parallel our surveillance oriented society. 

March 31 – April 25

JSAS 2015 Call Flyer 2015


Opening Reception ALL Categories: Fri Apr 10, 7pm

The LAC presents the 17th Annual Juried Student Art Show featuring works by Secondary Students from across Essex County. Categories include: Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Photography, Digital Media and Film.

$900+ IN CASH PRIZES will be awarded in EACH Category with a People’s Choice Award at the end of the month. Also, as a part of this event, a $100 “Future Artist” Award will be granted to the graduating student who showcases the most artistic potential.

Sponsored by: Rotary Club of Leamington & the Kiwanis Club 

 April 28 – May 30

Sunrise Sunset, 2014, 4 x 3


Opening Reception: Sat May 2, 7-9pm
Irina Teske is a graduate of the University of Windsor and has been painting for more than twenty years. She is currently obsessed with painting on chipboard. She is influenced by patterns in nature; positive and negative spaces created by nature’s elements (i.e., light, water). By separating the background and foreground, the surface as well as the individual chips, she is able to manipulate the material to replicate these patterns and to emphasize a sense of depth. Though the starting point is often a reference to nature and the real world, as the work progresses, the material, the position of the chips or even the lumberyard stamps influence the development of the image. The material is a product of nature but its industrial quality works in opposition to the softness and beauty of nature’s ideal.


11038757_1585007055045293_5614632296220500210_oALL FIRED UP: Ken Friesen, Joe & Christiana Tagliapietra (Earth & Fire), Gloria Gellner (Capricorn Pottery), Elisabeth Sempberger & Patrick O’Brien (Essex Stained Glass), Dayna Wagner (The Pottery Cupboard), Michelle Taylor (The Rooted Begonia), Rosemary Waldron, Gisele Bick (Your Local Potter), Emily Buck, Cheryl Carlyn

Opening Reception : Sat May 2, 1-4pm
WONDERFUL MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS! Hundreds of gift items to choose from… Fused Glass, Flame Work, Stained Glass, Mosaic Glass and Pottery and Jewelry
Opening Reception: Sat May 2, 7-9pm
All mediums, all sizes, all subjects to choose from. Artists have cleared out their studios and discounted prices in the spring clear out exhibit.

 June 2 – June 28 

U15 LR web

U15: 2015 SEAA/LAC Members Show & Sale

Opening Reception: Fri June 5, 7-9pm 

The 2015 annual members show and sale celebrates the strength, vitality, creativity and wealth of talent found within the Leamington Arts Centre (LAC)/ South Essex Arts Association (SEAA). Each year, the diverse and outstanding works by our members creates an exciting and engaging exhibition whereby artists are able to showcase, share and sell their work.
The exhibition creates a platform for artists to network with peers to develop their skills and experiences.
gulten 2 LR
THE CREATORS OF BEAUTY: Gulten Tajaddod & Leyla Munteanu
Opening Reception: Fri June 5, 7-9pm
The pictures presented here are abstract paintings with a spiritual and emotional theme. Using color, texture and forms, I have tried to express variety of feelings, each conveying messages and deep emotions. Audience who observes the artworks with an open heart can receive a very pleasant feeling inside. As these artworks try to reflect the feelings in the audience, an emotional relationship can start to exist between the audience and the artist. The audience can have a personal take from the works and their understanding is not far away from what the artist has tried to express in the first place.
My only objective has been to express my personal feelings. All the artworks have been created by painting techniques and with best intentions. They are filled with love and emotion.
Opening Reception: Nil
All mediums, all sizes, all subjects to choose from. Artists have cleared out their studios and discounted prices in the spring clear out exhibit.


June 30 – July 25

 IODE-Leamington-Art-Show-1A LIFE’S JOURNEY THROUGH ART: Harold Burton

Opening Reception: Fri July 17, 7-9pm
This show highlights the journey of Harold Burton’s long standing career, through his art. His mirroring composites of his original artwork will be on display, showing the visual language between, his vision to the final artwork. Here you will follow his process, towards the formal outcome and nature of his art, from his past to his present. Displayed will be many faucets of his work including the conceptual art used towards refinement of some of the many murals, prints, cartoons and artworks. Harold Burton has the ability to transform his subject matter. Through a single object or person he connects the past with the present. Each work in his extensive career has a determined focus within it, connecting art and viewer together in a realm of colour and brush stroke.
Light Vision EmotionLIGHT. VISION. EMOTION: Phos3 – Dave Paddick & Kathryn Parent
Opening Reception: Fri July 17, 7-9pm

This show features a wide-variety of photographs by Dave Paddick and Kathryn Parent. “The world is our studio… When we are not on a shoot you will often find us storm chasing or driving down country roads photographing abandoned houses.” Their unique name “Phos3” is a powerful parallel to their work: “Phos,” the Greek word for light, is combined with the number “3,” which represents the “perfect balance, aesthetics, the 3 elements of earth, and Light-Vision-Emotion. The vision is the composition of the frame. It’s the artist’s eye… Hopefully if we have done our job right using light and our vision; it will stimulate some sort of an emotion within you. ‘We shoot to thrill!’” 

Bruce Silcox photo

TIED BY WATER: Moheb Solimon

Opening Reception: Wed July 8, 1-3pm
Poet, performance artist, and Joyce Foundation Fellow Moheb Soliman is tracing the entire Great Lakes coastline by land for four months–due in Leamington July 8th, where Leamington Art Centre will be his host for a special event to cap our exhibition of his performance/installation/video piece Naturalized. Come for a meet-and-greet, participate in the creative protocols he’s enacting region-wide, or just contribute your own view of our corner of the Great Lakes to this unique work-in-progress.
July 28 – August 29

Douglas Bedard ImageDKNBLUES: Douglas Bedard

Opening Reception: Sat Aug 8, 12-3pm

I will try to keep this artist statement short and simple.  Having exhibited in 93 shows regionally in South Western Ontario and Michigan for the past 20-plus years, it always exciting to be afforded such a wonderful space to exhibit. I will display a variety of older and newer pieces that reflect my various themes, changing styles and mediums throughtout the years.  Or in better terms, a mini-retrospective of my personal collection.   The newer pieces will focus on Boxing, the groups of people involved, and the culture of the sport.   I am the founding coach (1987) of the Border City Boxing Club in Windsor, Ontario.  By the invitation of Head Coach Josh Canty, who was one of my past Canadian Amateur Champions, I have been assisting him these past three years to coach again.  Namely, the current Canadian National Team Captain Heavyweight, Samir El Mais.  Ranked 15th in the world.  Together, Josh and I have helped Sammy win 3 Gold Medals Internationally and a Bronze Medal.  In August of 2014, he represented Canada and won the Commonwealth Gold Medal in the Heavyweight Division in Glasgow, Scotland.  He is currently chosen to represent Canada and lead the team at the Pan American Games this July in Toronto, Ontario.   I am no longer training him at this time. Read More: Douglas Bedard DKNBLUES PrintDesign2

Valerie PearsonsBITS OF PIECES: Valerie Pearson

Opening Reception: Sat Aug 8, 12-3pm

I have been exhibiting as a Fabric Artist in Juried Shows since 1998.  At:  The Art Gallery of Windsor, Artcite Gallery, Artspeak Gallery, Common Ground Gallery, Windsor, Ontario; The Detroit Artist Market, The Historic Scarab Club, Detroit, MI; and Glenhyrst Gallery of Brant, Brantford, ON.   My first Juried Show was at The Leamington Arts Centre.   Growing up in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, in my family, it was considered a rite of passage to learn quilt-making.  However, I found the process and style too restrictive.  With intuitive compositions and my own choice of pattern, color, and fabric, I strive to create work that will give pleasure to the eye.

 September 1 – September 24

20150312_140652~4ROCK, PAPER, STICKS: New Explorations : Mike Ondrovcik & Linda van de Bovenkamp

Opening Reception: Fri Sept 4, 7-9pm
‘Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil.’
My Grandmother’s figurine of three monkeys.
As a child I feared it and, growing into adulthood, I tried to follow the old adage.This new body of work is an acute exploration of self in order to heal. Through my paintings, I am examining the myriads of issues I have faced in my journey through life.Fear, weakness, loneliness, depression, anxiety, bullying, and self-loathing.My chosen subject matter, the sandstone formations of the Four Corners Area (USA) are beautiful to me. They represent strength and the passage of time. The monolithic stones seem permanent and solid, but in fact, they are perpetually transforming and evolving.As am I.


Opening Reception: Fri Sept 4, 7-9pm

The Henry Family traveled the world collecting art and artifacts from all around the world and as far away as East Asia. The collection includes oil paintings from across Canada and the United States, porcelain figurines from China, jade and silver sculptures and reliefs, plus much, much more.

From the permanent collection of the Leamington Arts Centre/ South Essex Arts Association.


Craft Show in a gallery FlyerCRAFT SHOW IN A GALLERY

Opening Reception: Fri Sept 4, 7-9pm
The Craft Show in a gallery is the one of a kind place to display and sell your local handmade crafts. Designed especially for the crafter looking for a set up and go space. A month long, fully staffed and climate controlled hassle free experience!
September 29 – October 24

Shooters web
SHOOTERS MEMBERS SHOW & SALE: Shooters Photography Club 
Opening Reception: Wed Sept 30, 7-9pm

Have passion for photography? Interested in being involved and gaining some knowledge and experience? See what the Shooters Club members have been up to…

Get inspired to pull out your old camera, or fall in love with a beautiful landscape. The Shooters Show and Sale will definitely have something to catch your eye!


Far Out Show Cover 20132


Opening Reception: Wed Sept 30, 7-9pm
This exhibition’s focus is to highlight and showcase those offbeat, avant-guard, radical and/or extreme works of art that make us all think outside the box and push the limits of expressionism in contemporary art.


Henry Collection


Opening Reception: Wed Sept 30, 7-9pm

The Henry Family traveled the world collecting art and artifacts from all around the world and as far away as East Asia. The collection includes oil paintings from across Canada and the United States, porcelain figurines from China, jade and silver sculptures and reliefs, plus much, much more.

From the permanent collection of the Leamington Arts Centre/ South Essex Arts Association.

October 27 – November 28

A Signature Christmas Poster 2015-2A SIGNATURE CHRISTMAS: Indoor Artist Market

Opening Reception: Fri Nov 6, 4-7pm

LAC presents its annual indoor Christmas Arts & Crafts show. Featuring artists and artisans in a variety of mediums; photography, painting, jewelry, literary arts, crafts and more… This beautiful month long “gift shop” style exhibition has many great deals so come enjoy the works in a warm Christmas setting.

December 1 – December 23

John Haynes 1


Opening Reception: Sat Dec 5, 1-4pm

My larger works in this exhibition reflect some of the aspects of dread, wonder, puzzlement and humour that I feel regarding the future of humankind on our planet earth. The climate changes we must now endure year round; the ever increasing societal disconnections between the have’s and the have not’s; the ongoing whittling away of our Canadian democracy; and, the slam-bang incorporation of greed as a cornerstone of our society are all troubling and worth thinking about. 

DouglasBornn - 004CANVASES OF METAL AND WOOD – an exhibition of interactions: Douglas Bornn
Opening Reception: Sat Dec 5, 1-4pm
In these photographs I am exploring the relationship between train graffiti and the train cars themselves in the near:  I move in close to show only parts of the graffiti and the car they are sprayed on.  The graffiti then become colourful abstractions interacting with and playing against the more formally arranged elements of the car they are painted on, over all of which the slow depredations of time and usage impose their own colours and contours.  I approached my subjects with no preconceptions allowing both my feelings and intellect to guide my eye.  In the end this has been a fun project and I’ve been asked to leave train yards by some very nice, understanding men and women.  And to those who gave me an extra minute to complete a photo before seeing me off: Thank you.


Name Your Price Art WebNAME YOUR PRICE: Silent Art Auction
Opening Reception: Sat Dec 5, 1-4pm
This exhibition style silent auction is a unique opportunity to sell your arts and crafts. Visitors will have a chance through the month long exhibit to bid on works, at the end of the exhibit the highest bidder wins! Simple!