Jan 2 – Jan 30

Anythings Possible Poster 2016


ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE:  2016 Amateur Photo Contest

Opening Reception & Awards: Fri Jan 8, 7pm

The LAC is proud to present its 2016 Anything’s Possible amateur photo contest. This annual exhibit features striking photographs in 3 categories: events, travels and season. With three prizes in each category, plus a People’s Choice Award, its certain to delight and prove that Anything IS Possible!

Sponsored by: Speedprint & Framing by Anna




FIGURES: Mattia Lapa

Opening Reception: N/A

This collection of work is representational of figure studies completed during her training at the University under the mentor-ship of professors Adele Duck, Susan Gold, Tony Doctor and Joe DeAngelis, to name a few. These studies were then adapted to the large scale oil on canvas and board paintings representing the sense of movement, vitality and beauty of the live models from which they were derived.These works are part of the South Essex Arts Association/Leamington Arts Centre permanent collection, donated by the artist in October 2014 for the purpose of preservation and display.


Feb 2 – Feb 27


04 Marilyn Blue- detail


CARS & STARS III: Graydon Dyck: 

Opening Reception: Fri February 5, 7-9pm

George Graydon Dyck was born in Leamington on September 15, 1946 and died in Winnipeg, Manitoba on December 19, 2011. Graydon was an artist whose work was shown in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and Winnipeg. He is best known for painting vintage cars and movie stars. Graydon’s artistic skills were evident from a very young age and in 1967, he moved to Winnipeg to attend the School of Fine Art at the University of Manitoba. It was there that he met the love of his life Judith (nee Wolinsky). They explored many art scenes over the years, living in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and Winnipeg.Over his 45 year career, he did thousands of paintings and created hundreds of car and figure movement sculptures. His paintings are in many private and public collections across Canada and the U.S. In 1984, he was commissioned to paint a mural of nudes and figure movements in the women’s powder room of the famous Limelight Nightclub in New York. He was known for being a painter of Cars and Stars and had many a muse, namely 1940s American cars and a fine group of ladies, including Diana Ross, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Tallulah Bankhead, Bette Davis, Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. He also painted many others, including Martin Luther King, Jr., Winston Churchill and Golda Meir. Graydon loved music, especially Motown and saw many of the greats perform in Detroit and Chicago in his teenage years. This exhibition made possible through the courtesy of Bob Ceh.




FIGURES: Mattia Lapa

Opening Reception: N/A

This collection of work is representational of figure studies completed during her training at the University under the mentor-ship of professors Adele Duck, Susan Gold, Tony Doctor and Joe DeAngelis, to name a few. These studies were then adapted to the large scale oil on canvas and board paintings representing the sense of movement, vitality and beauty of the live models from which they were derived.These works are part of the South Essex Arts Association/Leamington Arts Centre permanent collection, donated by the artist in October 2014 for the purpose


BUILD Poster 24x36-2


BUILD: an exhibition built by you

Opening Reception: Fri February 5, 7-9pm

This is an exhibition where creativity comes together, literally! We all grew up playing with toy building blocks and model sets and today they are bigger than ever. from kids to adults everyone still enjoys building. Enter your favorite BUILD today! Lego, Magformers, Mega Bloks, K’Nex, Constructs, Lincoln Logs, Lite Brix, Meccano, Erector Sets, Scale Models, Popsicle Sticks…


MARCH 2016
March 1 – March 26


Breaking Barriers 11x17 Tabloid 2016



Opening Reception: Fri March 4, 7-9pm (in conjunction with March Masquerade, Tickets $25 in advance, $30 @ door)

The Breaking Barriers exhibition’s focus is to create an understanding of lived experiences. The exhibition seeks to highlight resilience and resourcefulness in coping with barriers. A barrier can be anything that one must overcome to reach a goal, even if the goal is simply to survive. Breaking Barriers is an exhibition for creative expression that empowers, builds awareness, and facilitates partnerships and collaborations.  

Sponsored by: Art Indeed & Aleksander Estate Winery.
Keep Calm And Colour On Poster 2016



Opening Reception: Fri March 4, 7-9pm (in conjunction with March Masquerade, Tickets $25 in advance, $30 @ door)

Colouring isn’t just for kids! Recent trends and research show that colouring can help to alleviate stress, promote wellness, calmness and focus while stimulating brain areas related to motor skills, senses and creativity. So put down your pen and highlighter, leave work aside and pick up a crayon or marker; enter your fav coloured page or entire colouring book! This is an all ages show!





Opening Reception: Fri March 4, 7-9pm / Artist Talk: Sat March 12, 1pm

Description coming soon.

APRIL 2016
Mar 29 – Apr 23


JSAS 2015 Call Flyer 2015



Awards Reception: Thurs April 7, 7pm

The LAC presents the 18th Annual Juried Student Art Show featuring works by Secondary Students from across Essex County. Categories include: Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Photography, Digital Media and Film.

$900+ IN CASH PRIZES will be awarded in EACH Category with a People’s Choice Award at the end of the month. Also, as a part of this event, a $100 “Future Artist” Award will be granted to the graduating student who showcases the most artistic potential.

Sponsored by: Rotary Club of Leamington & the Kiwanis Club 


MAY 2016
April 26- May 28

LAC Maria Jose



Closing Reception: Sat May 28, 1-3pm

Maria Jose is a 16 year old artist who discovered her passion for art at a young age. Throughout the years she has experimented with different styles and techniques, exploring the boundless opportunities art has to offer.This exhibition offers an insight on this emerging artist’s creative process and development over the years. Come and see the beauty of the world through the perspective of the artist.



FlockFest Call to Action - Vert



Closing Reception: Sat May 21, 5-7pm
Leamington 2nd Annual Flock Fest is calling the individuals and groups of all cultural traditions, ages, and abilities for fun and free celebratory gatherings. The theme of this year flocking are the birds and birdhouses as the symbols of renewal, shared creative experiences and place-making. The Uptown Leamington performances from Caldwell First Nation at Dieppe Park to the exhibition at Leamington Arts Centre gallery encourage the community participation, exploration, and surprise of innovative thinking at sharing old and new ideas. Join us and put on the show by your distinctive interpretation of the theme expressing yourself through music, dance, spoken word, fashion, media, visual art, and expand the social network for the makers at any stage of the working practice.

Sping Studio Clear Out 24x36



Closing Reception: Sat May 28, 1-3pm
Any medium, any size, any subject. Artists, this is your chance to clear out that packed studio to make room for new work!
Do you have old artwork that has been around for years, work that your are tired of shuffling around to make space in your studio? Don’t hold on to it any longer… the spring studio clear out exhibit has low entry fees so you can enter a lot work and get back that studio space you need! Enter 5 works for $15 or 10 works for $20 or less than 5 works for $5 each. All artwork must be at discounted sale prices of at least 50% off original price.

JUNE 2016 
May 31 – June 30

U16 Flyer NO CALL


U16: 2016 SEAA/LAC Members Show & Sale

Opening Reception: Sat June 4, 1-3pm 

The 2016 annual members show and sale celebrates the strength, vitality, creativity and wealth of talent found within the Leamington Arts Centre (LAC)/ South Essex Arts Association (SEAA). Each year, the diverse and outstanding works by our members creates an exciting and engaging exhibition whereby artists are able to showcase, share and sell their work.
The exhibition creates a platform for artists to network with peers to develop their skills and experiences.


Danielle 5 Jan 2016


CONNECTIONS: Leyla Munteanu

Opening Reception: Fri June 4, 1-3pm
Description coming soon.

Kenkaustikitch Poster_13 X 19-2


Kenkaustikitch: Ken Friesen

Opening Reception: Sat June 4, 1-3pm

My introduction to encaustics was fast and furious. A two hour workshop with a local encausticist.I am a methodical, controlled, and practiced artist with years as a Grade School  Art and Shop teacher, potter, and woodworker who plans projects out.  I do doodles and sketches and even working drawings. I was not prepared for those 2 hours… Encaustic means painting with HOT WAX.  We needed electric frying pans, extension cords and wax. Plus crayons, oil paints, oil pastels, coloured papers and found objects.  I taught collage, this was collage to the nth.  The first part of the lesson was applying wax on a prepared surface and using heat guns to control the effects.  We blew breaker switches 5 times in the first 10 minutes until we determined only one frying pan, or heat gun could be used per working outlet (there were 2).  Fortunately, there were only 3 students present.The instructor made a point of saying, “I’m not expecting any masterpieces, just learn the basics and how to control your materials.” How true that was.  You have to work fast because the wax hardens.  You have to control the amount of heat from the heat gun, it can blow the wax off the surface or you tilt the surface too much and it flows off.  Too much heat and the paper or found object can start to scorch.  The smoke detector only went off twice…


JULY 2016
July 5 – July 31

Two men talk with each other in the uptown area of Leamington, Ontario, a popular meeting place for migrant workers on their off time.


AFTER WORK: Doug MacLellan & Collette Broeders

Opening Reception: Sat. July 23, 1-3pm
A community engagement project. Dignity, fairness, solidarity. After Work is a multimedia exhibition that attempts to answer the question “what do some migrant workers do after work?” Collette Broeders and Douglas MacLellan visited the Leamington area over four months in 2015 to find out. 


Erie & Beyond Pic


ERIE & BEYOND: Dorit Girash

Opening Reception: TBA
This exhibit showcases the beauty and excitement of our very own Lake Erie and some of her neighbouring lakes and rivers. Recognizing our innate attraction to and blessings of coastal living, stunningly beautiful seascapes will be featured, along with examples of the  awesome power of air and water in creating our fascinating weather phenomena.



A Peaceful Journey: Chao Zhao

Opening Reception: TBA

My artwork is largely influenced by Chinese painting and calligraphy, practices that are rooted in Zen culture, which emphasizes a balance of natural beauty and simplicity. I find inspiration in both patterns in nature and those found in cultural and historical artifacts such as origami, mandala patterns and ancient bronze vessels. 

The journey of translating three dimensional landscapes and objects onto flat surfaces and making origami are expressive and calming for me. My process involves using a mixture of Western and Eastern media to create patterns that capture the essence, rather than the objective reality, of my subject. 

August 2 – August 27



CITY OF LIGHT: Visions of Paris 1969-1999

Black and White Photography by Gregg Campbell

Opening Reception: Fri Aug 5, 7-9pm

The essence of a city: moody, expressionistic, and enigmatic. Celebrating the simple beauty of everyday life. Using light and shadow, the intimate feeling and nostalgic tone of these images allude to a sense of timelessness and of days gone by.

Surrealists recognized in plain photographic fact an essential quality that had been excluded from prior theories of photographic realism. They saw that ordinary photographs, especially when uprooted from their practical functions, contain a wealth of unintended, unpredictable meanings. Galassi, Henri Cartier-Bresson, The Early Work.

“To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which give that event its proper expression.” … Cartier Bresson.

Gregg Campbell Photography • www.cphoto.com




PORTRAITS: Painting & Mixed Media: Melissa Marchant

Opening Reception: Fri Aug 5, 7-9pm

I create my portrait paintings out of a compulsion to document fleeting thoughts. Often times larger paintings will be developed from quick sketches, and during the painting process will morph into a deeper narrative. I enjoy walking the line between the reality and the artifice of the self-portrait. I do not view self-portraits as mere representation of the self. Frequently, I use my own image in my paintings although each portrayal may represent a different character that I am exploring in the moment. I am heavily influenced by digital technology and the daily inundation of imagery I am exposed to via technology. I like to distance myself from these influences by using the traditional medium of paint on canvas. I do this in an attempt to find a more fundamental and physical means to explore private subjects and thoughts – and by the use of the self-portrait, I am seeking an honest and sometimes awkward intimacy with my paintings and drawings.

(Melissa received her Honours BFA in 2013 with a focus in painting portraiture and is an active artist currently residing in Windsor, Ontario.)




Fire & Ice: Andrea Mercier & Arlene Murphy

Opening Reception: Fri Aug 5, 7-9pm
Description coming soon.

August 30 – September 24

Far Out Show Cover 20132


Opening Reception: Fri Sept 2, 7-9pm
This exhibition’s focus is to highlight and showcase those offbeat, avant-guard, radical and/or extreme works of art that make us all think outside the box and push the limits of expressionism in contemporary art.


creativity is contagious paint


CREATIVITY IS CONTAGIOUS: Jill Stevenson, Zoe Stevenson, Chantel Declerk, Tracey Declerk. Cassie Hermann,  Anita Enns, Terra Koop, Elaine Koop, George Fast

Opening Reception: Fri, Sept 2, 7-9pm
Creativity is Contagious Art Exhibit is a fabulous collection of creative people, in our community, who have honored their inner artist through photography, painting and pottery. “Creativity is contagious…pass it on” – Albert Einstein.   

Sept 27 – Oct 22

Shooters web


SHOOTERS MEMBERS SHOW & SALE: Shooters Photography Club 

Opening Reception: Wed Sept 28, 7-9pm

Have passion for photography? Interested in being involved and gaining some knowledge and experience? See what the Shooters Club members have been up to…

Get inspired to pull out your old camera, or fall in love with a beautiful landscape. The Shooters Show and Sale will definitely have something to catch your eye!




LIGHT – VISION – EMOTION – 2016: Kathryn Parent & Dave Paddick

Opening Reception: Sat Oct 1, 7-9pm

This show features a diverse variety of photographs depicting some of the interests of the husband and wife team – Dave Paddick and Kathryn Parent. “The world is our studio … when we are not on a shoot you will often find us storm chasing or driving down country roads photographing abandoned houses or whatever else catches our eye.” Their unique name “Phos³” is a powerful parallel to their work: “Phos” pronounced (Foss = Boss), is the Greek word for light. Photography is all about light, capturing it and controlling it. Phos is combined with the superscript number ³, which represents a number of things, it’s multi-dimensional, the number 3 is a power number so a few examples are – perfect balance, aesthetics, the 3 elements of earth, black, white and colour etc… and … Light∙Vision∙Emotion. The vision is the composition of the frame. It’s the artist’s eye… “Hopefully if we have done our job right using light and our vision, it will stimulate some sort of an emotion within you. ‘We Shoot to Thrill!’” 



RECENT WORKS: Ron & Louise Vermeiren

Opening Reception: Sat Oct 1, 7-9pm
Recent and new works by Ron and Louise Vermeiren – painting and painting on glass.


October 25 – November 19




Opening Reception: Fri Nov 4, 7-9pm

This series of work is inspired by my surroundings which is primarily the Lake Erie area. The swift and noisy movement of the landscape and waterfowl beckons me to pay attention. My main focus is to bring awareness to the community and the world of the need to preserve and nurture the many things we take for granted.




Opening Reception: Fri Nov 4, 7-9pm
In our travels we acquired some intricate artwork including that of Wylan, Kincade and Shavanco amoung many others. It also reminds me of the nessessity to conserve that which is of utmost importance in our society.
Name Your Price Art Web


NAME YOUR PRICE: silent art auction

Opening Reception: Fri Nov 4, 7-9pm

This exhibition style silent auction is a unique opportunity to sell your arts and crafts. Visitors will have a chance through the month long exhibit to bid on works, at the end of the exhibit the highest bidder wins! Simple!

Nov 22- Dec 23

A Signature Christmas Poster 2016



Opening Reception: Fri Nov 25, 4-7pm

LAC presents its annual indoor Christmas Arts & Crafts show. Featuring artists and artisans in a variety of mediums; photography, painting, jewelry, literary arts, crafts and more… This beautiful month long “gift shop” style exhibition has many great deals so come enjoy the works in a warm Christmas setting.